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Event Name Date Place Age Gender Father and occupation Mother and occupation Spouse and occupation Death informant Spouse age Spouse father Spouse mother
Death John Morrison
Ship Rigger
29 Dec 1928 16 Priincess Dock, Govan, Glasgow, Lanark 32 Years M John Morrison
Marion Morrison Mary Flora Macleod
Mary F. Morrison, Widow, 258 Paisley Road, Glasgow, Lanark

Death Elizabeth Young 28 Dec 1928 41 Blackburn Street, Govan, Glasgow, Lanark 15 Minutes F James Young
Dock Labourer
Elizabeth McMahon Infant Death
James Young, Father

Death Charles McCarron
Quay Watchman
9 Feb 1916 70 Cornwall Street, Govan, Glasgow, Lanark 64 Years M James McCarron (Deceased)
Carriage Hirer
Margaret Coyle (Deceased) Catherine Price
Charles McCarron, Son

Death George Sloan
Quay Watchman
8 Feb 1916 140 McLellan Street, Govan, Glasgow, Lanark 65 Years M William Sloan (Deceased)
Betsy Gallagher (Deceased) 1. (First name not given) Brown 2. Ruth Winspor ?
Ruth Sloan, Widow

Death Jessie Morrison 8 Feb 1916 100 Plantation Street, Govan, Glasgow, Lanark 60 Years F Robert Park (Deceased)
Lily Cumming (Deceased) William Morrison
Railway Labourer
Annie Limond, Daughter, 114 Plantation Street, Govan, Glasgow

Marriage William Woods
Electrician (Journeyman)
26 Nov 1915 121 Plantation Street, Govan, Glasgow, Lanark 26 Years M William Woods (Deceased)
Starch Work Labourer
Mary McIntyre Magaret Norris
23 Years Robert Norris
Elizabeth Norris (Deceased)
Marriage James Limond
Woodsawyer (Journeyman)
26 Nov 1915 100 Plantation Street, Govan, Glasgow, Lanark 31 Years M Robert Limond (Deceased)
Mercantile Clerk
Rebecca Graham Avendale Annie Park Morrison
Biscuit Packer
30 Years William Morrison (Deceased)
Inspector of Police
Jessie Park
Death Douglas Martin
Baker (Journeyman)
22 Jan 1915 2 Edmiston Drive, Govan, Glasgow 83 Years M William Martin (Deceased)
Handloom Weaver
Christina Kay (Deceased) 1. Janet Findlay 2.
J Martin (Nephew) 43 Union Ave., Newton-on-Ayr

Death Patrick Murray 21 Jan 1915 56 Cornwall Street, Govan, Glasgow 3 Months M Charles Murray
Labourer (Clyde Trust)
Mary Black Infant Death
C Murray (Father)

Death John Bell (Illeg) 17 Jan 1915 107 Blackburn Street, Govan, Glasgow 2 Months M Joseph Bell
Boiler Maker's Labourer
Mary Johnston
House Keeper (Formerly Tobacco Spinner)
Infant Death
Joseph Bell (Father)