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Event Name Date Place Age Gender Father and occupation Mother and occupation Spouse and occupation Death informant
Death Jeanie Kirkland (Illeg) 15 Jul 1878 St Quivox, Ayr 9 Years F Unknown Margaret Kirkland
Child death
Hannah Kirkland (Aunt) present
Death Agnes White
Farmer's wife
15 Jul 1878 Carcluie Farm, Ayr, Ayr 62 Years F John Collins (Deceased)
Elizabeth Mitchell (Deceased) James White
James White, (Widower) present
Death George Baird
Stone Breaker
11 Jul 1878 District Asylum, Glengall by Ayr 60 Years M Not stated Not stated Not stated
D McColl, Steward
Death Agnes Barr Cairns 21 Jul 1873 24 New Bridge St., Ayr 8 Months F William Cairns
Agnes Meldrum Infant Death
Death Susan McDowall 27 Mar 1873 Mill St. Ayr 5 Months F John McDowall
Margaret Bell Infant Death
Andrew Bell (Grandfather), Breadhead Toll, Colyton
Death John McDowall 02 Jan 1873 Breadhead Toll, Colyton 40 Years M Margaret Bell
Andrew Bell (Father in Law)