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Event Name Date Place Age Gender Father and occupation Mother and occupation Spouse and occupation Death informant Parents marriage
Death Janet Blue 14 Dec 1947 Ruchill Hospital Glasgow Res. 39 Dover Street, Possilpark, Glasgow, Lanark, Lanark 79 Years F John McGregor (deceased)
Jane Jolly (deceased) Duncan Blue
Engine Fitter
G. A. Blue, son, 39 Dover Street, Glasgow
Death Catherine Swan Henderson 14 Dec 1947 3 Crowhill Street, Possilpark, Glasgow, Lanark 51 Years F John Henderson (deceased)
Engine Keeper
Jane Fraser (deceased) Not married
William ?, Nephew
Death Daniel Cleary McDuff 14 Dec 1947 Ruchill Hospital, Glasgow Res. 14 Stanley Street, Possilpark,Glasgow, Lanark 4 months M Daniel Cleary McDuff
Street Scaffolding Erecter
Margaret McDermott Infant Death
D. McDuff, Father
Birth Flora Blue 20 Mar 1925 High Possil Cottages, High Possil Road, Lambhill, Lanark F Thomas Blue
Elizabeth Martin
15 Nov 1912
Southend, Argyll
Death Duncan Gillies 24 Aug 1914 Ruchill Hospital, Possilpark, Lanark 16 Months M Duncan Gillies
Marion McPhail Infant Death
Duncan Gillies, father
Death Georgina McManus 23 Aug 1914 Ruchill Hospital, Possilpark, Lanark 2 Years 7 Months F Thomas McManus
Brick Burner
Georgina Auld Child Death
Thomas McManus, Father
Death Archibald Blue
Joiner (Journeyman)
23 Aug 1914 9 Fraserbank Street, Glasgow, Lanark 66 Years M Archibald Blue (Deceased)
Dorcas Pirie (Deceased) Jane Blackburn McIntyre
William Blue, Son, 125 Gourlay Street, Glasgow, Lanark