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Event Name Date Place Age Gender Father and occupation Mother and occupation Spouse and occupation Death informant
Death Margaret Kerr 3 Jun 192 9 Kirk Street, Campbeltown, Argyll 61 Years F John McMichael (deceased)
General Labourer
Mary Maxwell Peter Kerr
Robert McMichael, brother
Death John Smith
General Labourer
8 Sep 1964 Witchburn Hospital, Campbeltown, Argyll 78 Years M Archibald Smith (Deceased)
Joiner (Journeyman)
Grace Douglas (Deceased) Margaret McKinnon Durnan
A. Smith, son, 25 Meadow Avenue, Campbeltown
Death Alexander Wallace
3 Sep 1964 Witchburn Hospital, Campbeltown, Argyll 66 Years M Donald Wallace (Deceased)
Catherine McGeachy (Deceased) Not Married
Catherine Wallace, sister, 4 Main Street, Campbeltown
Death Flora Livingstone Colville
Draper (Retired)
22 Aug 1964 Cottage Hospital, Campbeltown, Argyll 77 Years F William Colville (Deceased)
Christina Campbell (Deceased) Not Married
Christina B. Bartholomew, niece, 33 Newfield Square, Craigbank, Glasgow
Death Margaret Brown Reid 13 Nov 1961 Calton Hospital, Campbeltown, Argyll 73 Years F Malcolm McSporran (deceased)
Farm Servant
Mary Revie (deceased) John Reid
Farm Worker (Retired)
Robert Reid, son
Death James Thomas McMillan
Labourer (Retired)
7 Nov 1961 44 Main Street, Campbeltown, Argyll 68 Years M James McMillan (deceased)
Mary Ann Andrews Margaret Conner
A. Conner, brother in law, Killean Place, Campbeltown, Argyll
Death Charles Martin
Dock Labourer (Retired)
6 Nov 1961 55 Crosshill Avenue, Campbeltown, Argyll 64 Years M Charles Martin (deceased)
Stone Mason
Margaret Morrison (deceased) Euphemia MacAulay
Charles Martin, son, 52 Crosshill Ave, Campbeltown
Death Kenneth McRae Macqueen
30 Aug 1960 Gallowhill Farm, Campbeltown, Argyll 59 Years M Donald Macqueen (deceased)
Joiner (Jouneyman)
Catherine Thomson (deceased) Helen Blue Weir
Norman Macqueen, Brother, Kilmarnock, Ayr
Death Samuel Blair
Laboratory Assistant
22 Aug 1960 69 Meadow Ave, Campbeltown, Argyll 50 Years M Samuel Blair
Foundry worker - retired
Margaret Nevin (deceased) 1. Isabel Barton, 2. Jane Orr
Jane Blair, Widow, 62 Manor Drive, Airdrie
Death Donald Stewart
Drapery Salesman
27 Dec 1959 Near Kilmaho Farm, Campbeltown, Argyll 32 Years M Peter Stewart (Deceased)
General Labourer
Mary Campbell Margaret Ross Mitchell
Neil C. Stewart, Brother, 146 Ralston Road, Campbeltown, Argyll