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Event Name Date Place Age Gender Father and occupation Mother and occupation Spouse and occupation Death informant Spouse age Spouse father Spouse mother
Death Alexander McKeith
Farmer (Retired)
6 Aug 1943 Lonlea, Kilcalmonell, Argyll 73 Years M James McKeith (Deceased)
Christina McPhail (Deceased) Not Married
C. Armour, neice

Death Catherine McNeill 29 Jul 1943 Stranacfanaig, Clachan, Kilcalmonell, Argyll 72 Years F John McNeill (Deceased)
Mary Gilchrist (Deceased) Not Married
James Glen, Step brother

Death Agnes Amelia Metcalfe 27 Apr 1943 Ronachan Inn, Clachan, Kilcalmonell, Argyll 87 Years F Michael Clark (Deceased)
Cabinet Maker
Susan Hopper John Metcalfe
M.E. Metcalfe, daughter

Death Annie McPhail 30 Mar 1935 Stranafanaig, Clachan, Argyll 73 Years F Angus McPhail (Deceased)
Margaret Campbell (Deceased) Not Married
Margaret C Scott, Niece, 534 Clarkston Rd, Muirend, Glasgow, Lanark

Death Agnes McDougall 15 Mar 1935 Dunskeig, Clachan, Argyll 85 Years F Neil Currie (Deceased)
Agnes Keith (Deceased) Archibald McDougall
John McDougall, son

Death Dugald Glen
17 Jan 1935 Auchavraid, Clachan, Argyll 53 Years M Peter Glen (Deceased)
Estate Mason
Mary Gilchrist (previously McNeill. ( Deceased) Not Married
James G. Glen, Clachan, Argyll, brother

Marriage Rayment Neale
Electrical Engineer
23 Sep 1921 Kilcalmonell, Argyll 31 Years M George Neale
Electrical Engineer
Emma Rayment Janet Sinclair
21 Years Peter Sinclair
Margaret MacGeechy
Marriage Locksley James Phillips
24 Mar 1921 Kilcalmonell, Argyll 32 Years M James Phillips
Louisa Pegram (deceased) Barbara McAlister
Domestic Servant
29 Years Angus McAlister
Estate Manager
Mary Corsan
Death Eugenia Wotherspoon 5 Oct 1920 Burnside Cottage, Clachan, Kilcalmonell, Argyll 83 Years F Archibald Galbraith (deceased)
Eugenia Wynne McCallum (deceased) James Wotherspoon
Archibald Wotherspoon, Son

Death Margaret Shaw 23 Jul 1920 Whitehouse, Killcalmonell, Arygll 65 Years F Duncan Daroch (deceased)
Flora Buie (deceased) George Shaw
George Shaw, Husband