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Event Name Date Relation Relation residence Interred
Death William Semple 25 Feb 1855 from Sanford
Death William Kirkland 22 Feb 1855 son of William Kirkland Backroad
Death Elizabeth Alexander 14 Feb 1855 spouse of John Paterson
Bridge end
Death James Baird 3 Feb 1855
travelling man
Death Helen Brownlie 10 Jan 1855 spouse of James Fleming
Death Mary 9 Jan 1855 dau of Robert Armour from Glasgow
Death Thomas Meikle 20 Dec 1854 son of William Meikle
late stationer
Death Jean 19 Dec 1854 dau of James Hamilton
Death Helen Paterson 7 Dec 1854 spouse of Archibald Miller
Death Janet Fleming 6 Dec 1854 from Townhead in the Northmost