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Event Name Date Place Age Gender Father and occupation Mother and occupation Spouse and occupation Death informant
Death Isabella Paterson 10 Mar 1925 County Hospital, Bellshill, Lanark 79 Years F Robert Strain (Deceased)
Iron Worker
Isabella Burton (Deceased) Duncan Paterson
Coal Miner
Death Agnes Sneddon 9 Mar 1925 County Hospital, Bellshill, Lanark 33 Years F Thomas Shearer
Tailor (Journeyman)
Lillias Allan (Deceased) Isaac Wyper Sneddon
Coal Miner
Isaac Sneddon, Widower, 17 Scott Street, Larkhall
Death Mary Gault 7 Mar 1925 Bothwell Park Rows, Bellshill, Lanark, Scotland 80 Years F William Beattie (Deceased)
Nail Maker
Margaret Brown (Deceased) Robert Gault
Coal Miner
James Gault (Son)