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Event Name Date Place Father and occupation Mother and occupation Parents marriage
Birth Annie Whitefield Ross 9 May 1904 4 Craig Terrace, Blackridge, Linlithgow William Ross
Coal Miner
Annie Whitefield 28 Sep 1894
Birth Donald McFatter 28 Apr 1904 Blackridge, Linlithgow Angus McFatter
Boiler Fireman
Agnes Seivewright Harrison 2 Jan 1903
Glasgow, Lanark
Birth Maggie McIntyre McMillan 7 Apr 1904 Blackridge, Linlithgow John McMillan
Jeanie McIntyre 4 Dec 1892
Campbeltown, Argyll
Birth Georgina Morris 26 May 1899 Westrigg, Blackridge, Linlithgow Thomas Morris
Coal Miner
Celiclia Todd 12 Sep 1890
Armadale, Bathgate
Birth Agnes Wallace Anthony 15 May 1899 Blackridge, Linlithgow James Wallace Anthony
Railway Signalman
Catherine Hay Frame 24 Jun 1898
Birth Barbara Ross Blackstock Miller 11 May 1899 Blackridge, Linlithgow James Miller
Coal Miner
Babara Ross Blackstock 21 Nov 1890
Westrigg, Torphichen