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Event Name Date Age Place Father and occupation Mother and occupation Spouse and occupation Spouse age Spouse father Spouse mother Parents marriage
Marriage Robert McDougall
24 Jun 1910 23 Years Lugar, Ayr Robert McDougall
Elizabeth Duff Jemima Hume
Domestic Servant
20 Years John Hume
General Labourer
Mary Ann Forsyth
Birth (Unnamed) Dempsey 2 Nov 1889 80 Darnconner, Lugar, Ayr Thomas Dempsey
Joiner (Jouneyman)
Ellen Guild

20 Sep 1889
Darnconner, Lugar District, Ayr
Birth Jemima Hume 29 Oct 1889 Rosebank, Lugar, Ayr John Hume
Labourer at Pit
Mary-Ann Forsyth

25 Oct 1880
Birth John Timpnay 18 Oct 1889 158 Common Loch, Lugar, Ayr George Timpnay
Drawer in Pit
Martha Hilditch

28 May 1889
Common Lock, Lugar, Ayr