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Event Name Date Place Age Gender Father and occupation Mother and occupation Spouse and occupation Death informant Parents marriage
Death Barbara Taylor 13 Dec 1910 Poundland 47 Years F Alexander McCutcheon (Deceased)
Elizabeth Griffin (Deceased) Andrew Taylor
Agricultural Labourer
Andrew Taylor (Widower)
Death Hugh Hamilton
Landed Proprietor
15 Aug 1910 Daljarrock House, Colmonell 82 Years M Alexander West Hamilton (Deceased)
Landed Proprietor
Hamilla Montgomerie (Deceased) (1) Selina Mary L'Estranger (2) Georgina May Campbell or Brewster
Wm H Coltman (Son in Law) Blelock Dinneh, Aberdeen
Death Alexander White
17 Jun 1910 Meikle Bennane, Colmonell 72 Years M James White (Deceased)
Agnes Collins (Deceased) Elizabeth Garrand (not listed in death rec)
P. Fraser Mackenna (Procurator-Fiscal) 19 Nov 1836
Kilwinning, Ayr, Scotland
Birth Margaret Ross 15 May 1895 Colmonell Village, Colmonell, Ayr F James Ross
Jane Thorburn
30 Apr 1886
Newton-Stewart, Penningham
Birth James Robertson 6 May 1895 Knockdolian, Colmonell, Ayr M James Robertson
Helen McCulloch
24 Nov 1887
Birth Jeannie McCubbin Cairns 30 Apr 1895 Pinwherry, Colmonell, Ayr F James Cairns
Agnes Carswell McCubbin
2 Jun 1893
Blaneyseaur, Colmonell, Ayr
Death Elizabeth McWhirter 12 Feb 1876 Colmonell Village, Ayr 89 Years F Robert McClelland (Deceased) Sarah McNeillie (Deceased)
Domestic Servant
John McWhirter
Stone Diker
Alexander McWhirter (Son)
Death John McCracken
Retired Farmer
17 Jan 1876 Bridgend, Parish of Colmonell 75 Years M Thomas McCracken (Deceased)
Margaret Graham (Deceased) Mary Dick
WIlliam Fulton (Son in Law)
Death John Barbour
31 Dec 1875 Alticane, Parish of Colmonell, Ayr 61 Years M John Barbour (Deceased)
Margaret Gray (Deceased) Ann Auld
John Barbour (Son)
Death Barbara Forgie 10 Oct 1866 Colmonell Village, Ayr 60 Years F James McKie (Deceased)
Ann Birkmire (Deceased) Gilbert Forgie
Gilbert Forgie (Widower)