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Event Name Date Place Age Gender Father and occupation Mother and occupation Spouse and occupation Death informant Parents marriage Spouse age Spouse father Spouse mother
Death Mary Kerr 3 Jan 1963 Ballochmyle Hospital, Mauchline, Ayr 46 Years F William Murray (Deceased)
General Labourer
Annie Monachan (Deceased) Hugh Kerr
Coal Miner
Hugh Kerr, widower, 10 Dalmilling Crescent, Ayr

Death John Niven Gray
Joiner (Journeyman) (Retired)
3 Jan 1963 Ballochmyle Hospital, Mauchline, Ayr 70 Years M James Beckett Gray (Deceased)
Mechanical Engineer
Agnes McDougald (Deceased) Jane Frew Leitch McCallum
Robert Gray, son, 36 McGillivray Avenue, Saltcoats

Death David Cuthbert
Foreman Blacksmith (Retired)
2 Jan 1963 93 Jean Armour Drive, Mauchline, Ayr 77 Years M Thomas Cuthbert (Deceased)
Engine Keeper
Margaret McDowall (Deceased) Charlotte Britton
T. Cuthbert, son, 54 Beechwood Road, Mauchline

Birth Robert Gibson 5 Sep 1901 Gowkthorn, Mauchline, Ayr M John Gibson
Jean Cuthbertson
28 Jun 1901
Girvan, Ayr

Birth Agnes Hamilton Marr 26 Aug 1901 New Road, Mauchline, Ayr F William Hamilton Marr
Margaret French
24 Dec 1894
Stair, Ayr

Birth George Ferguson (Illeg) 18 Aug 1901 Loudoun Street, Mauchline, Ayr M (unknown) Grace Ferguson
Farm Servant

(Not Married)

Death Elizabeth Pollock 8 Mar 1901 Wynd Farm, Mauchline, Ayr 63 Years F Alexander Gebbie (Deceased)
Margaret McHoul (Deceased) Robert Pollock
Station Master, Kilwinning
Margaret Howie, Kilwinning

Death Mary Ferguson 3 Mar 1901 Memorial Homes, Mauchline, Ayr 76 Years F James Mair (Deceased)
Agnes Craig (Deceased) William Ferguson
Grave Digger
George Ferguson (Son)

Death John Muir
Veterinary Surgeon
27 Feb 1901 Brownlea, Parish of Mauchline, Ayr 45 Years M Andrew Muir (Deceased)
Inn Keeper
Margaret Campbell (Deceased) Margaret Wallace
Robt Smith (Brother in Law)

Marriage Peter Stewart
8 Jun 1900 Mauchline, Ayr 22 Years M Peter Stewart
Mary Gebbie Christina Martin
Domestic Servant
20 Years James Martin
Elizabeth Johnston Neil