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Event Name Date Place Father and occupation Mother and occupation Parents marriage Age Gender Spouse and occupation Death informant Spouse age Spouse father Spouse mother
Birth Robert Gibson 5 Sep 1901 Gowkthorn, Mauchline, Ayr John Gibson
Jean Cuthbertson 28 Jun 1901
Girvan, Ayr

Birth Agnes Hamilton Marr 26 Aug 1901 New Road, Mauchline, Ayr William Hamilton Marr
Margaret French 24 Dec 1894
Stair, Ayr

Birth George Ferguson (Illeg) 18 Aug 1901 Loudoun Street, Mauchline, Ayr (unknown) Grace Ferguson
Farm Servant
(Not Married) M

Death Elizabeth Pollock 8 Mar 1901 Wynd Farm, Mauchline, Ayr Alexander Gebbie (Deceased)
Margaret McHoul (Deceased) 63 Years F Robert Pollock
Station Master, Kilwinning
Margaret Howie, Kilwinning

Death Mary Ferguson 3 Mar 1901 Memorial Homes, Mauchline, Ayr James Mair (Deceased)
Agnes Craig (Deceased) 76 Years F William Ferguson
Grave Digger
George Ferguson (Son)

Death John Muir
Veterinary Surgeon
27 Feb 1901 Brownlea, Parish of Mauchline, Ayr Andrew Muir (Deceased)
Inn Keeper
Margaret Campbell (Deceased) 45 Years M Margaret Wallace
Robt Smith (Brother in Law)

Birth John Walker 8 Oct 1892 Damhead, Mauchline, Ayr John Walker
Margaret Mitchell 20 Jul 1883
St. Quivox, Ayr

Birth William Breckenridge 3 Oct 1892 Clelland Park, Mauchline, Ayr John Breckenridge
Railway Pointsman
Mary Muir 30 Dec 1887
Auchinleck, Ayr

Birth Mary Edgar Cairns Martin 1 Oct 1892 Grassmillers Cottage, Mauchline, Ayr James Martin
Elizabeth Johnstone 3 Dec 1873
Dalmellington, Ayrshire

Marriage James Muir
Carriage Fitter (Journeyman)
26 Aug 1892 Knowe, Mauchline, Ayr John Muir (Deceased)
Shoemaker (Journeyman)
Jeanie Grant (Deceased) 29 Years M Sarah Cairns
Domestic Servant
25 Years William Cairns (Deceased)
Handloom Weaver
Mary McEwan (Deceased)