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Event Name Date Place Age Gender Father and occupation Mother and occupation Spouse and occupation Death informant
Death Mary McDowall 10 Mar 1872 Stewarton, Kirkcolm, Wigtown 80 Years F Alexr. Nelson
Mary McNish John McDowall
Rossanah McDowall, daughter
Death Mary McKenzie 9 Mar 1872 Stewarton, Kirkcolm, Wigtown 51 Years F John McDowall
Mary Nelson James McKenzie
Sea Captain
Rossanah McDowall, sister
Death (Not named) Hannay 8 Mar 1872 Corswall Mills, Kirkcolm, Wigtown 17 days M Robert Hannay
Miller and Grain Merchant
Janet Crichton Infant Death
Robert Hannay, father
Death Rosannah McDowall 9 Apr 1866 Stewarton, Kircolm, Wigtown 21 Years F Alexander McDowall
Margaret McGill Not Married
Alexander McDowall, father
Death Jane Hamilton 5 Apr 1866 Barnhills, Kirkcolm, Wigtown 8 Years F Alexander Hamilton
Farm Servant
Margaret McDowall Child Death
Alexr Hamilton, father
Death Alexander Montgomery 30 Mar 1866 North Dunloch, Kirkcolm, Ayr 65 Years M George Montgomery (Deceased)
Agnes McBryde (Deceased) Mary Kerr
Samuel McLelland, brother in lawy, Burges Croft, Leswalt