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Event Name Date Place Age Gender Father and occupation Mother and occupation Spouse and occupation Death informant Parents marriage
Death John McFarlane
08 Oct 1916 Old Pithouse, Kilgrammie,Dailly,Ayr 61 Years M Myles McFarlane (Deceased)
Ann McFarlane Single
Richard Kelly (Brother in Law)
Death John Earl
03 Oct 1916 Main Street, Dailly, Ayr 54 Years M Alexander Earl (Deceased)
Janet Livingstone (Deceased) Margaret Earl or Wilkie
Alich Earl (Son)
Death Mary Jane Clelland or Gunning 25 Sep 1916 Woodside, Dailly, Ayr 93 Years F (Uknown) (Unknown) William John Gunning
John Wright (Son in Law)
Birth James Meikle 09 Oct 1890 The Schoolhouse, Dailly, Ayr M Robert Meikle
Jessie Campbell Scott
25 Dec 1889
Girvan, Ayr
Birth Henry McKean 07 Oct 1890 Cairnhill, Dailly, Ayr M Richard McKean
Margaret Mc Culloch
03 Jun 1887
Barr, Ayr
Birth Alexander Thomson 05 Oct 1890 Dailly, Ayr M Samuel Thomson
Railway Surfaceman
Thomina Craig
02 Jun 1882
Dailly, Ayr
Birth Agnes Earl 23 Feb 1879 Kilgrammie, Dailly, Ayr F Alexander Earl
Coal Miner
Janet Livingston
06 Dec 1863
Dailly, Ayr
Death Alexander Hislop
Retired Wool Merchant
15 May 1877 Camregan, Dailly, Ayr 87 Years M James Hislop (Deceased)
Mary McCutcheon (Deceased) Janet McCandlish
John Chalmers (Son in Law)
Death Alexander Earl 11 May 1877 Kilgrammie, Dailly, Ayr 6 Weeks M Alexander Earl
Coal Miner
Janet Livingston Infant Death
Alexander Earl (Father)
Death Hugh Law 03 May 1877 Romilly Pit, Dailly, Ayr 4 1/2 Months M David Law
Master Blacksmith
Jessie Love Infant Death
David Law (Father)