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Event Name Date Place Age Gender Father and occupation Mother and occupation Spouse and occupation Death informant Spouse age Spouse father Spouse mother
Death Frederick Galsworthy
Coal Miner (Retired)
23 Dec 1948 7 Wilson Street, Larkhall, Lanark 79 Years M William Galsworthy (Deceased)
Louisa Gill (Deceased) Single
Louisa Ash (great niece)

Death William Meikle Roy
Colliery Engine Keeper
22 Dec 1948 12 Croft Place, Larkhall, Lanark 78 Years M William Roy (Deceased)
Handloom Weaver
Isabella Meikle (Deceased) Isabella Lloyd
Henry Anderson (Nephew) 12 Empire St., Whitburn

Death Marion Torrance Brannan 20 Dec 1948 34 Douglas Drive, Ashgill, Larkhall, Lanark 30 Years F David Miller
Bath & Laundry Worker
Mary Park John Brannan
Police Constable
John Brannan (Widower)

Marriage Robert Downs
Steel Worker
30 Jun 1941 107 McNeill Street, Larkhall, Lanark 37 Years M James Downs (Deceased)
Catherine McMunn Margaret Wilson
Shop Assistant
21 Years Robert Wilson (Deceased)
Colliery Machineman
Margaret McMillan
Marriage Henry Galsworthy
Railway Fireman
14 Jun 1941 Chalmers Church, Larkhall, Lanark 24 Years M Henry Galsworthy
Coal Miner
Jeanie Paterson Marion Nicol Carnihan
Shorthand Typist
22 Years John Carnihan
Coke Oven Worker
Margaret Currie
Death Elizabeth Mackie? 14 May 1923 41 McNeill Street, Larkhall, Lanark 76 Years F William Wilson (Deceased)
Farm Labourer
Helen Gold (Deceased) Arthur Mackie
Colliery Joiner
Andrew Mackie (Son), 1 Earnoch Street, Burnbank, Hamilton, Lanark

Death Annie McMillan 12 May 1923 33 Dykehead Road, Larkhall, Lanark 2 Years F Unknown Mary McMillan
Farm Servant
Child Death
Mary McMillan, mother

Death Marion Sneddon 12 May 1923 Lyndale Cottage, Strutherhill, Larkhall, Lanark 66 Years F Thomas Sorbie (Deceased)
Hand Loom Weaver
Mary Todd (Deceased) James Sneddon
Colliery Manager
Thomas Sneddon (Son), Gale Cottage, Allan Street, Larkhall, Lanark

Death Peter Rowe Grenfell
Coal Miner
06 Oct 1918 30 Raploch Street, Larkhall 69 Years M William Grenfell (Deceased)
Green Grocer
Eliza Rowe (Deceased) Agnes Dick
Peter Grenfell (Son)

Death James Davidson
Coal Miner
05 Oct 1918 9 Brown Street, Larkhall 65 Years M Francis Davidson (Deceased)
Sarah Wardrope (Deceased) Elizabeth Mair
William McIntosh (Son in Law) Brown St., Larkhall