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Event Name Date Place Age Gender Father and occupation Mother and occupation Spouse and occupation Death informant
Death David Robertson
Butcher's Manager
17 Oct 1946 1 Octavion St., Port Glasgow, Renfrew 57 Years M David Robertson
Mason (Deceased)
Margaret Donaldson (Deceased) Mary Dunn
Robert Robertson, son, Glen Clune, Port Glasgow, Renfrew
Death Elizabeth Tennant 10 Oct 1946 63 Princes Street, Port Glasgow, Renfrew 71 Years F Alexander McNab (Deceased)
Barbara Martin (Deceased) John Douglas Tennant (Deceased)
Cattle Dealer
R. D. Barrie, son-in-law
Death Sarah Dickinson 7 Oct 1946 11 George Street, Port Glasgow, Renfrew 74 Years F Thomas Kennedy (Deceased)
Sarah Morgan (Deceased) 1. Robert Duncan 2. William Lewis Dickinison
1. Painter 2. Electrician
John B. Duncan, son, 16 Kelburn Terrace, Port Glasgow, Renfrew
Death Margaret Dixon 2 Aug 1887 18 Ashgrove Lane, Port Glasgow, Renfrew 64 Years F James Elliott (Deceased)
Mary Scolls (Deceased) George Dixon
Shipyard Labourer
William Dixon (Son)
Death John Simpson
Ropespinner (Journeyman)
1 Aug 1887 4 Content Place, Port Glasgow, Renfrew 57 Years M Alexander Simpson (Deceased)
Foreman Stone Quarrier
Ann Stirratt Elizabeth Lawson Buist
Thomas Munro (Son in Law)
Death Agnes Kane 29 Jul 1887 4 Wood Lane, Port Glasgow, Renfrew 51 Years F John Drain (Deceased)
Mary Ellis (Deceased) John Kane
Farm Labourer
Mary Ann McKinlay (Daughter)
Death Marion Roy 18 Apr 1881 11 Scarlow Street, Port Glasgow, Renfrew 68 F Archibald Lorin (Deceased)
John Roy
Catle dealer
John Whiteford (Son in law)
Death John Roy
4 Nov 1866 Blackstown Bay Street, Port Glasgow 49 Years M Not Given Not Given Marjory Kitchen
Andrew Donald (Brother in Law)
Death Mary Drain 4 Nov 1866 Boyds Close, Bay Street, Port Glasgow 67 Years F Hector Allis (Deceased)
Margaret Mooney (Deceased) John Drain
Handloom Weaver
Bernard Drain (Son)
Death Mary Nesmith 4 Nov 1866 Church Street, Port Glasgow 57 Years F Andrew Nesmith (Deceased)
Mary Gibb (Deceased) Single
Andrew Nesmith (Brother)