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Event Name Date Place Age Gender Father and occupation Mother and occupation Spouse and occupation Death informant
Death Agnes Milligan 15 May 1955 168 George Street, Ayr 76 Years F Alexander Earl (Deceased)
Coal Miner
Janet Livingston (Deceased) John Milligan
Market Gardener (Retired)
John Milligan (Son), 155 Prestwick Rd., Ayr
Death Mary McCulloch Gargan 14 May 1955 County Hospital, Ayr 31 Years F James Aitken (Deceased)
Coal Miner
Mary Little McCulloch Thomas Gargan
Coal Miner
Thomas Gargan (Widower)
Death Agnes Urie Hair 13 May 1955 38 Park Circus, Ayr 75 Years F George Park (Deceased)
Jessie McGarva(Deceased) Hugh Hair
Grocer (Master)
A.M. Park (Nephew)
Death Agnes Campbell Gordon 23 Feb 1950 131 Gould Street, Ayr, Ayr 69 Years F Charles Halbert (Deceased)
Mary Love (Deceased) James Downie Gordon
Railway Lorryman
Charles Gordon, son
Death Catherine Loudon 23 Feb 1950 44 Bollevue Crescent, Ayr, Ayr 71 Years F John Cumming (Deceased)
Jean Morrison (Deceased) John Loudon
Coal Company's Clerk (Retired)
Jane M.C. Smith, daughter, 25 Marchmont Road, Ayr Ayr
Death Jeanie Findlay Bone
Draper (Retired)
22 Feb 1950 123 Prestwick Road, Ayr, Ayr 76 Years F Robert Bone (Deceased)
Ironston MIner
Mary Brown (Deceased) Not Married
Hugh Bone, brother
Death William Kilmurray
General Labourer
10 Nov 1947 County Hospital, Ayr 46 Years M William Kilmurray (Deceased)
General Labourer
Euphemia Reid (Deceased) Jane Walker Chapman
Jane Kilmurray (Widow) 47 Glebe Crescent, Ayr
Death Annie McCartney McClure 10 Nov 1947 55 Mill Street, Ayr 29 Years F David MacKinnon
Pastry Baker (Foreman)
Mary McBride James McKay McClure
School Teacher
James McClure (Widower) 90 Mill Street, Ayr
Death Thomas Robert Scott
Motor Engineer (Master) Retired
9 Nov 1947 7 Corral Drive, Ayr 72 Years M Thomas Scott (Deceased)
Farm Servant (General)
Helen Cumming (Deceased) Catherine Wishart
John Russell (Son in Law)
Death Mary Isabella Kerr 14 Sep 1943 Heathfield Hospital Ayr 44 Years F Robert Anderson
Skinner (Journeyman) Retired
Margaret Hardie Thomas Kerr
Dock Labourer
Margaret Kerr Turner (Sister), 8 Bridge St., Galashiels