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Event Name Date Place Age Gender Father and occupation Mother and occupation Spouse and occupation Death informant
Death Charlotte Fleming Annie Hamilton 30 Nov 1984 Loganbank, Lanark 33 Years F William Hamilton
Retired Farmer
Annie Wilson Greed
William Hamilton (Father)
Death Rose Smith 20 Jan 1963 50 Lesmahagow Road, Strathaven, Avondale, Lanark 73 Years F James McAllion (Deceased)
Engineer's Labourer
Rose Stewart (Deceased) Thomas Smith
General Labourer
T. Smith, son, 1 Lesmahagow Road, Strathaven
Death Michael Struthers
Farmer (Retired)
14 Jan 1963 14 Cochrane Street, Strathaven, Avondale, Lanark 87 Years M Michael Struthers (Deceased)
Annie Semple (Deceased) Barbara Barr
Thomas B. Struthers, son, Townfoot of Heads, Glassford
Death Alexander Sirrell Mullin
Warehouseman (Retired)
5 Jan 1963 1 Strathaven Road, Sandford, Avondale, Lanark 72 Years M John Mullin (Deceased)
Mary McLachlan (Deceased) Margaret Smith
Ian Young, son-in-law, Finlarig, Hawthorn Avenue, Lenzie
Death Nicol Brown Hamilton
Fishing Tackle Maker
6 Jul 1957 39 Castle Street, Strahaven, Lanark 86 Years M James Hamilton (Deceased)
Textile Designer
Jeanie Brown (Deceased) Not Married
Wm C. Hamilton, nephew, 66 Glasgow Road, Strathaven.
Death Christine Swan Carswell 1 Jul 1957 Collisdene, Strathaven, Lanark 78 Years F Alexander McLaren (Deceased)
Butcher (Master)
Agnes Smart (Deceased) Thomas Stewart Carswell
A. Carswell, son, Hughenden, Coatbridge, Lanark
Death Agnes Johnston
School Teacher (Retired)
29 Jun 1957 Collisdene, Strathaven, Lanark 91 Years M Alexander Johnston (Deceased(
Agnes Taylor (Deceased) Not Married
Death Peter John Bisset Falconer
Minister of Religion
26 Sep 1955 West Manse, Strathaven, Lanark 68 Years M William Falconer (Deceased)
Minister of Religion
Henrietta Roy (Deceased) Mary McLean Robertson
Andrew Wilson (Son-in-Law), Overfield, High Burnside
Death Kenneth Mathieson Howie
Hosiery Manufacturer
24 Sep 1955 23 Threestones Road, Strathaven, Lanark 67 Years M John Mathieson Howie (Deceased)
Iron Foundry Warehouseman
Isabella Boyd (Deceased) Janet Scott
John Whitelaw (Son-in-Law), 13 Thomson St., Strathaven
Death Margaret Paterson Beavan 23 Sep 1955 Collisdene, Strathaven, Lanark 79 Years F John McDowall (Deceased)
Shoe Merchant
Margaret Monie (Deceased) James Beavan
Hotel Keeper
WS Mackay ? (Brother-in-Law)