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Event Name Date Place Age Gender Father and occupation Mother and occupation Spouse and occupation Death informant Parents marriage
Death Annie Cumming 4 May 1938 1 Vine Park Drive, Kilmaurs 70 Years F Robert Aitken (Deceased)
Railway Porter
Margaret Steel (Deceased) James Cumming
Robert Cumming (Son) Irvine Road, Kilmaurs
Death Alexander McVay
Threshing Mill Worker (Retired)
2 May 1938 Plann Square, Crosshouse 82 Years M James McVay (Deceased)
Ann Cairns (Deceased) Single
Annie McVay (Grand Niece)
Death Robert Templeton
Railway Works Labourer
20 Apr 1938 8 Townend, Kilmaurs 83 Years M Robert Templeton (Deceased)
Boot & Shoe Maker
Jane Boyle (Deceased) Elizabeth Marshall
George Brown (Grandson) * (See notes above)
Death William Fulton
Coalminer (Retired)
17 Oct 1933 Wilson Cottage, irvine Road, Crosshouse, Ayr 74 Years M James Fulton (Deceased)
Margaret Garven (Deceased) Marion Wilson
James Fulton (Son) Crosshouse
Death John Conn
Retired Blacksmith (Journeyman)
14 Oct 1933 Causewayside, Kilmaurs, Ayr 78 Years M Robert Conn (Deceased)
Colliery Manager
Elizabeth Patrick (Deceased) Not Married
Margt Conn (Niece)
Death Mary Sinclair Wilson 11 Oct 1933 Planns, Sawmills, Crosshouse, Kilmaurs, Ayr 87 Years F John Collins (Deceased)
Boot & Shoe Maker (Master)
Mary Sinclair (Deceased) William Wilson
Master Joiner and Agricultural Implement Maker
David Wilson (Son)
Birth Ellen Young Martin 28 Jan 1906 McCristie's Land, Crosshouse, Kilmaurs, Ayr F James William Martin
Coal miner
Mary Harper Young
4 Jun 1897
Kilmaurs, Ayr
Birth Abigail Stewart Wilson 15 Jan 1906 Shaw Toll house, Kilmaurs, Ayr F John Wilson
Brickwork Labourer
Jane Stewart
4 Dec 1891
Dundonald, Ayr
Birth Robert Young Wallace 13 Jan 1906 Carmel View, Crosshouse, Kilmaurs, Ayr M William Wallace
Cab Driver
Ellen Wallace Young
25 Dec 1903
Kilmaurs, Ayr
Birth John Muirhead 21 Feb 1900 Moorfield Square, Crosshouse, Kilmaurs M Frank Muirhead
Coal Miner
Margaret McPike
20 Apr 1894
Kilmaurs, Ayr