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Event Name Date Place Age Gender Father and occupation Mother and occupation Spouse and occupation Death informant Spouse age Spouse father Spouse mother
Death Margaret Dickie McInnes 10 Oct 1879 Dundonald, Ayr 6 Days F Robert McInnes
Railway Surfaceman
Jane Paton Infant Death
Robert McInnes (Father)

Death James Earl
8 Oct 1879 Harperland Cottage, Dundonald, Ayr 85 Years M James Earl (Deceased)
Customer Weaver
Janet Hodge (Deceased) Single
Thomas Earl (Nephew)

Death James Alexander Tait 9 Sep 1879 Fairlie, Parish of Dundonald, Ayr 38 Years M Alexander Duncan Tait
Landed Proprietor
Marion Sprott Mary Ann Smith Cunningham
W.B.Cunningham (Father in Law)

Marriage Malcolm McMillan
4 Apr 1862 Dundonald, Ayr 23 Years M William McMillan
Jean Guthrie Janet McDowall
28 Years John McDowal
Ann Beggs
Marriage Taylor Wilson
Harbour Labourer
25 Feb 1862 Dundonald, Ayr 27 Years M Thomas Wilson
Linen Weaver
Rachel Taylor Agnes Conner
Muslin Flowerer
23 Years Alexander Conner
Seaman First Mate
Agnes McDougal
Death Margaret Menzies 3 Jun 1859 Gardener's House, Shewalten?, Dundonald Parish 64 Years F James Logan (Deceased)
Cotton Weaver
Sarah Davidson (Deceased) William Menzies
William Menzies (Husband)

Death Elisabeth Blair 30 May 1859 Girtrig, Parish of Dundonald 16 Years F William Blair (Deceased)
Mary Young Single
James Blair (Brother)

Death John McDowall
Harbour Labourer
29 May 1859 Troon, Ayr 63 Years M Thomas McDowall (Deceased)
Letitia Cuthbertson (Deceased) Ann Beggs
Janet Sillars, (Daughter)

Death Mary Catherine Hutchison 20 Oct 1857 Troon, Ayr 1 Year F David Hutchison
Elizabeth Murdoch Infant Death
Elizabeth Hutchison (Mother)

Death Ann McDowall 20 Oct 1857 Troon, Ayr 62 Years F John Beggs (Deceased)
Janet Earl (Deceased) (Not stated)
Coal shipper
Janet Sillars (Daughter)