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Event Name Date Place Age Gender Father and occupation Mother and occupation Spouse and occupation Death informant Parents marriage
Death Isabella Wardrop 31 Jul 1949 Gills Farm, Dunlop, Ayr 58 Years F James Watson (Deceased)
Railway Shedman
Elizabeth Allison (Deceased) Oswald Wardrop
Oswald Wardrop (Widower)
Death Mary McNab
30 Jul 1949 Main Street, Dunlop, Ayr 71 Years F Duncan McNab (Deceased)
Mary Lamont (Deceased) Single
(Sister) Main Street, Dunlop
Death Mary Morrison 21 May 1949 Smithfield, Dunlop, Ayr 74 Years F James Wardrop (Deceased)
Margaret Sim (Deceased) James Morrison
Grain Miller, Retired
James Morrison, Widower
Death Margaret Brown 26 Jun 1900 Village of Dunlop, Ayr 74 Years F James Patrick (Deceased)
Jane Gray (Deceased) Hugh Brown
Coal Agent
Hugh Brown (Son)
Death David Smith Duthie
Engine Driver
3 Jun 1900 5 Lugton Row, Dunlop, Ayr 35 Years M William Duthie (Deceased)
Susan Tievandale (Deceased) Single
G. Duthie (Brother), 49 Springbank Terrace, Aberdeen
Death James Martin
Retired Ploughman
13 May 1900 Halket Cottage, Dunlop, Ayr 46 Years M James Martin (Deceased)
Silk Weaver
Christina Kay (Deceased) Mary Cairns
David Kerr (Son in Law)
Birth Mary Kerr 27 Jul 1898 Halket Cottage, Dunlop, Ayr M David Kerr
Farm Manager
Christina Martin
29 Dec 1893
Alloway, Ayr
Birth John McConnell Glen 28 Feb 1898 Dunlop, Ayr M Robert Glen
Ironstone Miner
Mary McConnell
2 Sep 1895
Hamilton, Lanark
Death Elizabeth Anderson 25 Apr 1878 Dunlop Village, Dunlop, ayr 79 Years F William Lathem (Deceased)
Elizabeth Stewart (Deceased) John Anderson
Grocer and Flesher
James Anderson (Son)
Death Allan Auld
Inn Keeper
24 Apr 1878 Dunlop 51 Years M Allan Auld (Deceased)
Margaret Parker (Deceased) Janet McCulloch
Allan Auld (Son)