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Event Name Date Place Age Gender Father and occupation Mother and occupation Spouse and occupation Death informant Spouse age Spouse father Spouse mother
Death John Robertson
Pauper (Formerly an Agricultural Labourer)
18 Aug 1871 Village of Dunlop, Dunlop, Ayr 64 Years M Andrew Robertson (Deceased)
Agricultural Labourer
Janet Brown (Deceased) Janet Wallace
Janet Robertson (Widow)

Marriage Oswald Wardrop
2 Dec 1862 Borland, Dunlop, Ayshire 28 Years M David Wardrop
Agricultural Labourer
Janet Russell Jane Frew
Farm Servant
21 Years Robert Frew
Agricultural Labourer
Catherine Watt (Deceased)
Marriage Robert Pollock
Farm Servant
27 Nov 1862 Gameshill, Parish of Dunlop 20 Years M John Pollock
Christina Shedden Janet McClure
Farm Servant
20 Years James McClure
Farm Servant
Marion Reid
Death David Dunn 10 Dec 1861 Braes, Dunlop, ayr 5 Years M William Dunn (Deceased)
Mary Wylie Child Death
Mary Dunn (Mother)

Death Catherine Frew 23 Nov 1861 Laigh Borland, Dunlop, Ayr 47 Years F John Watt (Deceased)
Anne Craig Robert Frew
Agricultural Labourer
Robert Frew (Widower)

Death George Somerville
Retired Minister
9 Nov 1861 Harpland Mill, Dunlop, Ayr 65 Years M William Somerville (Deceased)
Mary Weatherhead (Deceased) Single
Wm Somorvail (Brother)