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Event Name Date Place Age Gender Father and occupation Mother and occupation Spouse and occupation Death informant Spouse age Spouse father Spouse mother
Death Archibald Livingstone 28 Aug 1938 Clachan, Kintyre, Argyll 59 Years M John Livingstone (Deceased)
Isabella McCalman (Deceased) Single
Duncan Livingstone, (Brother) 170 Caledonia Rd., Wishaw

Death Flora McCuaig 21 Apr 1938 Clachan, Kintyre, Argyll 81 Years F Archibald McAlister (Deceased)
Flora McSporran (Deceased) John McCuaig
Margaret MacCuaig, (Daughter)

Death Bessie Glen
7 Mar 1938 Clachan, Argyll 59 Years F Peter Glen (Deceased)
Mary Gilchrist previously McNeill (Deceased) Single
Peter Glen, (Brother)

Death Margaret Henderson 24 Nov 1918 Lagnagorten, Kilcalmonell 79 Years F Duncan McGeachy (Deceased)
Agricultural Labourer
Bessie McNeill (Deceased) Duncan Henderson
Duncan Henderson (Son)

Death Neil Gilchrist
3 Mar 1918 Achavraid, Kilcalmonell 65 Years M James Gilchrist (Deceased)
Mary Thomson (Deceased) Single
James Glen (Nephew)

Death William Archibald Calder 18 Jan 1918 Free Church Manse, Kilcalmonell 10 Minutes M John Calder
Chaplain to the Forces, Black Watch
Margaret Ellen Shaw Currie Infant Death
John Calder (Father)

Marriage Neil Graham
Farm Servant
3 Jun 1909 Clachan, Kilcalmonell, Argyll 22 Years M Neil Graham
Farm Servant
Mary MacNeill Margaret MacTaggart
Domestic Servant
30 Years Samuel MacTaggart
Estate Worker
Ann MacAlister
Death Sarah McQuilkan 3 Jul 1908 Dunaltach, Kilcalmonell 82 Years F John McBride (Deceased)
Flora Mckinven (Deceased) Duncan McQuilkan
John McQuilkan (Son)

Death Janet McKinlay
House Keeper
4 Jun 1908 Clachan, Kilcalmonell, Argyll 51 Years F John McKinlay (Deceased)
Mary Blue (Deceased) Single
Neill McKinlay (Brother)

Death Donald McQuilkan 6 Mar 1908 Dunaltach, Kilcalmonell 56 Years M Duncan McQuilkan (Deceased)
Sarah McBride Single
John McQuilkan (Brother)