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Event Name Date Age Place Father and occupation Mother and occupation Spouse and occupation Spouse age Spouse father Spouse mother Gender Death informant
Marriage John McDonald
1 Feb 1866 34 Years Whitehouse Parish, Kilcalmonell, Ayr John McDonald (Deceased)
Barbara McDonald (Deceased) Ann Munroe
29 Years Malcolm Munroe
Flora McMillan
Death Malcolm McArthur 29 Jan 1866 16 weeks Bealachroy, Kilcalmonell, Argyll Donald McArthur
Hill Drainer Contractor
Mary McCallum Infant Death

M Donald McArthur, father, present
Death Catherine Sinclair 21 Jan 1866 59 Years Kilnacraigh, Kilcalmonell, Argyll Neil McTaggart (deceased)
Ann Campbell Gilbert Sinclair

F Gilbert Sinclair, husband
Marriage Joseph Page
Labourer ordinance Survey
10 Jan 1866 36 Years Clachan, Kilcalmonell, Argyll John Page
Handloom Country Weaver
Anna Cashel (Deceased) Sarah Thomson
Shop Keeper Grocer
38 Years Neil Thomson
Grace McCallum
Death Sarah Russel
23 Sep 1865 86 Years Lagavullin, Kilcalmonell, Argyll John Russel
Agnes McAlpine Not Married

F Chas Cameron, Teacher, Whitehouse
Death Dugald McPhail 6 Jun 1865 75 Years Loup, Kilcalmonell, Argyll Archibald McPhail
farmer (deceased)
Mary Thomson (deceased) Margaret Hyndman

M James McPhail, son
Death Catherine Stout 25 Apr 1865 17 Months Clachan, Kilcalmonell John Stout
Agricultural Labourer
Janet Hendry Child Death

F John Stout, father
Death Ann McBride
Farm Servant, lately pauper
24 Apr 1865 85 Years Coirechrevie, Kilcalmonell, Argyll John McBride (deceased)
Catherine McCallum (deceased) Not Married

F John Taylor, nephew, present
Death Allan McQueen or McKinnon (Illeg) 7 Mar 1865 2 Years 11 Months Parish of Kilcalmonell, Argyll (Not Given) (reputed) McKinnon Mary McQueen Child death

M Charles McTaggart, Proc Fiscal, Campbeltown
Death Catherine McGill
29 Jan 1865 90 Years Bealachroy Glen, Kilcalmonell, Argyll Archibald McGeachie (Deceased)
Catherine McKinnon (Deceased) Roderick McGill

F Jean McGill, daughter