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Event Name Date Place Father and occupation Mother and occupation Parents marriage Age Spouse and occupation Spouse age Spouse father Spouse mother Gender Death informant
Birth Andrew Nisbet 14 Dec 1877 Wilsontown, Parish of Carnwath Henry Nisbet
Coal Miner
Jane Gilchrist 17 Aug 1877
Forth, Carnwath, Lanark

Birth James McMurray Allan Auld 11 Dec 1877 Haywood Colliery, Parish of Carnwath David Auld
Coal Miner
Elizabeth Allan 12 Dec 1873
Dalmellington, Ayr

Birth Catherine Wishart Melross 10 Dec 1877 Wilsontown Terrace, Parish of Carnwath John Melross
Janet Porteous 23 Nov 1877
Wilsontown Terrace, Carnwath

Marriage David Hamilton
Coal Miner
30 Nov 1877 Wilsontown Terrace, Parish of Carnwath, Lanark William Hamilton (Reputed Father)
Railway Servant
Margaret Jeffrey (subsequently married to James Hamilton (Baker) 26 Years Margaret Buchanan
Domestic Servant
26 Years Robert Buchanan (Deceased)
Mary Paterson (Deceased)
Marriage John Melross
23 Nov 1877 Wilsontown Terrace, Parish of Carnwath, Lanark James Melross (Deceased)
Handloom Weaver
Margaret Tweedie (Deceased) 22 Years Janet Porteous
Farm Servant
19 Years William Porteous
Coal Miner
Catherine Wishart
Death Agnes Muir 29 Jun 1877 Carnwath, Parish of Carnwath John Muir
Isabella Lind (Deceased) 49 Years Single

F John Muir (Father)
Death David Borthwick 26 Jun 1877 Forth, Parish of Carnwath George Borthwick
Coal Miner
Margaret Gordon 14 Months Infant Death

M George Borthwick (Father)
Death Mary Malcolm 26 Jun 1877 Railway Station, Auchengray, Parish of Carnwath James Dykes (Deceased)
Coal Miner
Janet Paterson (Deceased) 45 Years Alexander Malcolm
Coal Miner

F David Clarkson (Son in law) Haywood
Marriage David Clarkson
Engine Keeper at a Colliery
28 Jul 1874 Auchengray, Parish of Carnwath, Lanark John Clarkson
Catherine Copeland 20 Years Janet Malcolm
Farm Servant
18 Years Alexander Malcolm (Deceased)
Coal Miner
Mary Dykes
Marriage Daniel Devine
Coal Miner
22 Jul 1874 Braehead, Parish of Carnwath, Lanark Daniel Devine
Coal Miner
Janet Marshall Montgomery 20 Years Agnes Hislop Johnston
Farm Servant
28 Years James Johnston (Deceased)
Mary Hislop (Deceased)