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Event Name Date Place Age Gender Father and occupation Mother and occupation Spouse and occupation Death informant Spouse age Spouse father Spouse mother
Death Hugh Wardrope
Locomotive Engine Driver (Retired)
22 Dec 1971 9 Greenfield Road, Hamilton, Lanark 68 Years M James Wardrope (Deceased)
Coal Hewer
Mary McAreavy (Deceased) Margaret Young Loudon
Margaret Boxall, Daughter

Death Samuel Beaton
Bolt Work's Storeman
25 Nov 1961 Dalziel Street, Hamilton, Lanark 56 Years M Henry Beaton (deceased)
Coal Hewer
Mary Graham (deceased) Agnes Blake Paton Cooper
Robert Cooper, brother in law, 3 Woodfoot Rd., Hamilton

Death Agnes Sharp 23 Nov 1961 Newlands Drive, Eddlewood, Hamilton, Lanark 67 Years F James Hamilton (deceased)
Silk Weaver
Sarah Wardrope (deceased) James Eglington Sharp
Road Labourer
Henry Sharp, Step son, 65 Holmeswood Avenue, Blantyre, Lanark

Death John Aird
Coal Hewer
20 Nov 1961 Neilsland Road, Hamilton, Lanark 65 Years M John Aird (deceased)
Coal Hewer
Catherine Gibson (deceased) Mary Stewart
Walter Aird, son

Marriage Francis Jamieson
Coal Hewer
5 Nov 1937 St Annes Roman Catholic Chapel, Hamilton, Lanark 35 Years M John Jamieson (deceased)
Coal Hewer
Bridget McGourty (deceased) Elizabeth Drysdale
23 Years George Drysdale
Farm Labourer
Eliza Ann McGee
Marriage James Sharp
Road Surfaceman
5 Nov 1937 Burnbank Parish Church, Burnbank, Hamilton, Lanark 55 Years M John Sharp (deceased)
Coal Hewer
Catherine Eglinton (deceased) Agnes Hamilton
Domestic Servant
43 Years James Hamilton (deceased)
Handloom Weaver
Sarah Wardrope (deceased)
Death Lillias Allan
Formerly Office Cleaner
26 May 1935 38 Selkirk Street, Hamilton, Lanark 89 Years F Robert Allan (Deceased)
Margaret Bryson (Deceased) Single
Thomas Allan (Son) 10 Lander Rd, Letherland, Liverpool

Death Thomas Willis
Shoemaker (Journeyman)
23 May 1935 12 McGhie Street, Hamilton 69 Years M Isaac Willis (Deceased)
General Labourer
Mary Wright (Deceased) (1) Letitia Ards (2) Mary Clayton
Mary Willis (Widow)

Death Margaret Boyle 23 May 1935 54 Chapel Street, Hamilton 76 Years F James Grier (Deceased)
Farm Labourer
Elizabeth Gonkie (Deceased) (1) Thomas Wilson (Colliery Labourer) (2) Daniel Boyle (Colliery Labourer)
Thomas Wilson (Son)

Marriage David Young McIntyre
Coal Miner
21 Aug 1925 The Manse, Union Street, Hamilton, Lanark 25 Years M James McIntyre
Elizabeth Young Agnes Farron
Domestic Servant
20 Years Thomas Farron
Railway Signalman
Alice Mary Moore (Deceased)