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Event Name Date Place Age Gender Father and occupation Mother and occupation Spouse and occupation Death informant Spouse age Spouse father Spouse mother
Death Stewart Graham 11 Nov 1947 46 Ladeside Street, Rothesay, Bute 3 Months M Robert James Graham
General Labourer
Helen Stewart Whyte Infant Death
R Graham (Father)

Death Sarah Marshall Hamilton
31 Oct 1947 Victoria Cottage Hospital, Rothesay, Bute 61 Years F Robert Hamilton (Deceased)
Wine & Spirit Merchant
Mary Hyndman (Deceased) Single
Robert Hamilton, Brother, Ramore, Lethame Rd., Strathaven, Lanark

Death Annie MacDonald Griffiths 31 Oct 1947 32 Battery Place, Rothesay, Bute 59 Years F John MacMillan (Deceased)
Spirit Merchant
Annie MacDonald (Deceased) Alexander Leslie Griffiths
Officer of Customs and Excise
A.L. Griffiths (Widower) 393 Paisley Road West, Glasgow SW

Marriage John McNeil
4 Sep 1895 Belmont Argyle Terrace, Rothesay, Bute 36 Years M Joseph McNeil
Engineer (Retired)
Fanny Stewart Annie Macmillan
32 Years Hugh McMillan
Christina McLean (Deceased)
Death Mary McKinlay Cunningham 29 Apr 1891 Holyrood, Rothesay, Bute 29 Years M Peter Fisher (Deceased)
Mary McKirdy Alexander Cunningham
Alexander Cunningham (Widower)

Death Mary Reid 27 Apr 1891 14 Tower Street, Rothesay, Bute 77 Years F James Hyndman (Deceased)
Christina Thomson (Deceased) Duncan Reid
Alexr McKinnon (Son in Law)

Death Donald Russell 27 Apr 1891 28 Mill Street, Rothesay, Bute 9 Weeks M William Russell
General Labourer
Margaret Clark Infant Death
William Russell (Father)

Death Robert Blue
7 Jun 1888 9 Bishop Street, Rothesay, Bute 57 Years M Dugald Blue (Deceased)
Elizabeth Montgomery (Deceased) Elizabeth Halbert
Daniel Lamont, Son-in-Law, 15 Castle Street, Rothesay, Bute

Death Sophia Johnstone 4 Jun 1888 7 Marine Place, Rothesay, Bute 87 Years F Not Given Redpath Thomas Johnstone
John Glen Jr,, Son-In-Law

Death Flora Bell 4 Jun 1888 5 Castle Street, Rothesay, Bute 81 Years F Archibald Mathieson (Deceased)
Janet Bowie (Deceased) John Bell
Margaret Hunter, Daughter, 20 Watesgale, Rothesay, Bute