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Event Name Date Place Age Gender Father and occupation Mother and occupation Spouse and occupation Death informant Parents marriage
Death Helen Fraser 31 May 1942 57 Sinclair Street, Stevenston 67 Years F Robert Mc Beath (Deceased)
Farm Overseer
Helen Geddes (Deceased) William Fraser
Clerk of Works
William Fraser (Widower)
Death David Martin
Mechanical Engineer (Retired)
21 May 1942 82 Boglemart Street, Stevenston 66 Years M David Martin (Deceased)
Lorry Driver
Catherine Law (Deceased) Mary Ann Gracie
Robert McCallum (Son in Law), 47 Dockhead St., Saltcoats
Death John Paterson
Joiner (Journeyman)
17 May 1942 Nobels Explosives Factory, Stevenston 56 Years M Robert Paterson (Deceased)
Coal Pit Contractor
Agnes Workman (Deceased) Christina Hamilton
William Scott (Son in Law) 12 Winton Ave., Kilwinning
Death Henry Smith
Explosives Worker
4 Feb 1937 8 Townhead Street, Stevenston 55 Years M William Smith (Deceased)
Eliza Quinn (Deceased) Annie Thomson
William Smith (Son)
Death David Hillis
Wine and Spirit Merchant
3 Feb 1937 37 New Street, Stevenston 57 Years M John Hillis (Deceased)
Wine and Spirit Merchant
Mary McCann (Deceased) Mary Parker (s)
Arthur McQuillan (Brother in Law)
Death Margaret McDowall 31 Jan 1937 5 Sandhills, Stevenson 83 Years F Peter Monie (Deceased)
Margaret Paterson (Deceased) John McDowall
Boot and Shoe Merchant
(Son in Law)
Birth Elisa Togneri 15 Jul 1915 New Street, Stevenston, Ayr F Mansueto Togneri
Candida Guidi
28 Nov 1912
Birth Mary Curry Smith McClelland 13 Jul 1915 Townhead Street, Stevenston, Ayr F James McClelland
Joiner (Journeyman)
Isabella Smith
20 Sep 1912
Birth Helen Forrest McDougall 6 Jul 1915 Folly, High Road, Stevenston, Ayr F Alexander McDougall
Dynamite Worker
Caroline Garrett
29 Dec 1911
Stevenston, Ayr
Death Jane Martin 11 Jul 1899 11 Quay Street, Saltcoats, Ayr 69 Years F James Cuthbertson (Deceased)
Ann Love (Deceased) William Martin
William Martin (Widower)