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Event Name Date Place Father and occupation Mother and occupation Parents marriage Age Spouse and occupation Spouse age Spouse father Spouse mother Gender Death informant
Birth Sarah Vallance McColl 20 Jul 1895 Long Row, Swinton, Old Monkland, Lanark John Alexander McColl
Helen Napier 16 Dec 1892
Camlachie, Glasgow, Lanark

Birth Patrick McPhillips 6 Apr 1886 Calcedonian Bldgs., Tollcross, Old Monkland, Lanark Patrick McPhillips
Railway Platelayer
Catherine McConnell 15 Apr 1879
Shettleston, Lanark

Birth Margaret Leitch (Illeg) 27 Mar 1886 Thomson's Land (East) Baillieston, Lanark (Unknown) Agnes Leitch
Not Married

Birth Mary Martin Gillon 18 Mar 1886 Boghall, Broomhouse, Old Monkland, Lanark William Gillon
Coal Miner
Marion Martin 24 Apr 1884
Old Monkland (Western)

Marriage David McPherson
10 Dec 1885 Tennant Place, Coatbridge, Old Monkland, Lanark John McPherson
Soft Goods Dealer
Janet Lindsay 24 Years Janet McDowall
23 Years James McDowall
Elizabeth McDougall (Deceased)
Death Elizabeth McDowall 12 Nov 1883 Tennant Place, Coatbridge, Lanark Andrew McDougall (Deceased)
Linen Weaver
Jane Earl (Deceased) 63 Years James McDowall
Shoe Maker, Foreman

F James McDowall, widower
Marriage Alex Kean
Cooper (Journeyman)
29 Dec 1881 Tennent Place, Coatbridge, Lanark Henry Kean (Deceased)
Margaret Hamilton 40 Years Elizabeth McDonald
Sewing Machinist
32 Years James McDonald
Shoemaker (Forman)
Elizabeth McDougall
Marriage James Pettigrew
Furnace Keeper
27 Dec 1881 Gartsherrie Manse, Lanark James Pettigrew (Deceased)
Spirit Dealer
Jane Rentant 26 Years Jane Roberts
23 Years James Roberts
Furnace Keeper
Elizabeth Bethran
Marriage Walter Patrick
Staker at Colliery Engine
31 Dec 1879 Bargeddie, Lanark Robert Patrick
Boat Watchman
Isabella Johnston 24 Years Jane Spence
Cotton Mill Worker
20 Years Thomas Spence
Coal Miner
Violet Donnan or Donald
Marriage John McCreadie
Coal Miner
30 Dec 1879 The Manse, Baillieston, Old Monkland Thomas McCreadie
Coal Miner
Margaret McFadyen 23 Years Ann Dougal
Cotton Bleacher
23 Years Patrick Dougal
Coal Miner
Margaret Lafferty