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Event Name Date Relation Relation residence Interred
Death Agnes Paterson 15 Jul 1853 wid of Gaven Hamilton
late surgeon
Death James Crawford 15 Jul 1853
Death Ann 9 Jul 1853 dau of Margreat Semple Todshill
Death Margreat 7 Jul 1853 dau of John Lambie of Hawburn
Death Jean Wiseman 27 Jun 1853 spouse of John Hopekins Waterside
Death Isobella 10 Jun 1853 dau of James Hamilton
Death Janet Aiton 2 Jun 1853 spouse of Alexander Young
sea mercht
Death William 25 May 1853 son of William Hamilton
Green St
Death Elizabeth 25 May 1853 dau of Archibald Giffen
Wee Close
Death Ann Marchbank 12 May 1853 spouse of John Struthers of Culen Park