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Event Name Date Place Age Gender Father and occupation Mother and occupation Spouse and occupation Death informant Parents marriage
Death Colin McNab Gibson 2 Aug 1896 5 Clyde Street, Milton, Glasgow, Lanark 1 Week M James Gibson
Iron Dresser (Journeyman)
Annie McNab Infant Death
James Gibson, father
Birth John Murray McDougall 2 Apr 1894 378 Garscube Road, Milton, Glasgow, Lanark M George Graham McDougall
Slater (Journeyman)
Martha Orr Campbell Murray
24 Nov 1882
Dalrymple, Ayrshire
Birth Michael Anderson 30 Mar 1894 27 Milton Lane, Glasgow, Lanark M James Anderson
Catherine Dodds
26 Sep 1879
Falkirk, Stirling
Birth Lucy Griffiths Rankin 28 Mar 1894 64 Grove Street, Glasgow, Lanark F James Rankin
Mercantile Clerk
Louisa Griffiths
7 Sep 1888
Glasgow, Lanark
Birth Margaret McIntyre Ross 10 Sep 1886 22 Oakbank Street, Milton, Glasgow, Lanark F Thomas Ross
Isabella Fleming
25 Nov 1881
Little Dunkeld, Perthshire
Birth Daniel McMillan 6 May 1884 Milton, Glasgow, Lanark M Daniel McmIllan
Slater (Journeyman)
Mary McGuire
30 Dec 1881
Gorbals District, Glasgow, Lanark
Birth Catherine Calder McTaggart 29 Apr 1884 Milton, Glasgow, Lanark F Peter McTaggart
Cartwright (Master)
Mary Calder
27 Mar 1868
Tradeston, Glasgow, Lanark
Birth Thomas Ross 23 Apr 1884 51 Wigton St., Milton, Glasgow, Lanark M Thomas Ross
Isabella Fleming
-2 Nov 1881
Little Dunkeld, Perthshire
Birth Elizabeth Watson 22 Dec 1883 20 Maitland Street, Glasgow, Lanark F Alexander Watson
Elizabeth Woods
17 Aug 1883
Tradeston District, Glasgow, Lanark
Birth Helen Mair 19 Dec 1883 Bishop's Place of Firhill Road, Glasgow, Lanark F Duncan Mair
Iron Moulder (Journeyman)
Sarah Aitchison
15 Jul 1870
Glasgow, Lanark