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Event Name Date Place Age Gender Father and occupation Mother and occupation Spouse and occupation Death informant
Death Margaret Martin 20 Oct 1904 4 Dick Square, Whitletts 61 Years F John Newberry (Deceased)
General Labourer
Margaret *Fensie (Deceased) John Martin
John Martin (Son) 117 Main Street, Ayr
Death Andrew Kennedy Niven 12 Aug 1904 Collier Row, St. Quivox, Ayr 5 Weeks M John Niven
Railway Surfaceman
Sarah Brennan Infant Death
John Niven (Father)
Death Elizabeth McMillan 10 Aug 1904 Main Rd., Whitletts, St. Quivox, Ayr 72 Years F Not Given Downie (Deceased)
Agricultural Labourer
Jane Not Given (Deceased) Samuel McMillan
Agricultural Labourer
James Cairns (Son) 44 Clune Vennel, Ayr ?
Death Robert Leven 1 May 1898 Kirkhill Cottage, St. Quivox Parish 6 Months M George Leven
Margaret Smith Infant Death
George Leven (Father)
Death David James Maritn 8 Apr 1898 High Road, Whitletts, St. Quivox Parish 1 7/12 Years M Henry Martin
Coal Miner
Ellen Previously: Martin MS: McGovern Child Death
William Wallace (Neighbour)
Death Daniel Lavarie 2 Apr 1898 Dicks Square, Whitletts, St. Quivox Parish 15 Years M John Lavarie
Elizabeth Bunyan Child Death
John Lavarie (Father)
Death Elizabeth Weldon 7 Oct 1897 High Road, Whitletts. St. Quivox Parish 9 Weeks F Illegitimate Mary Blackburn
Out Door Worker
Infant Death
Mary Weldon (Grandmother)
Death Jane Logan 2 Sep 1897 4 Blackhouse Crescent, Whitletts. St. Quivox Parish, Ayr 69 Years F William Black (Deceased)
Jane Porter (Deceased) John Logan
Railway Surfaceman and formerly of John Brown Saddler
William Gibson (Grandson)
Death David McVay
15 Aug 1897 Low Road, Whitletts. St. Quivox Parish Ayr 30 Years M James McVay (Deceased)
Ann Cairns Sarah Gibson
Ann McVay (Mother
Death Isabella McNee 13 Nov 1888 Collerrow, St. Quivox Parish, Ayr 10 Months F William McNee
Isabella Smith Infant Death
William McNee, Father