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Event Name Date Place Father and occupation Mother and occupation Parents marriage Age Gender Spouse and occupation Death informant Spouse age Spouse father Spouse mother
Birth Stewart McArthur Robertson 24 May 1895 6 Greenside, Girvan David Robertson
School Board Officer
Agnes Murdoch 2 Jan 1877

Death Mary Harrison 27 Mar 1895 Dalrymple Street, Girvan Alexander Gordon (Deceased)
Margaret (*See Note) Deceased) 63 Years F Martin Harrison
Road Surfaceman
Martin Harrison (Widower)

Death Margaret McQueen 20 Mar 1895 2 Wilson Street, Girvan Andrew McDougall (Deceased)
Jean Earl (Deceased) 77 Years F Thomas McQueen
David McQueen (Son)

Death Mary Watson 17 Mar 1895 Knockcushan Street, Girvan Robert Anderson (Deceased)
Livery Stable Keeper
Margaret Donaldson (Deceased) 81 Years F Thomas Watson
Usher in Parliament House, Edinburgh
William Gray (Son in Law)

Birth Jane McDougall 30 Dec 1892 Greenside, Girvan, Ayr Robert McDougall
Seaman (Merchant Service)
Elizabeth Duff 23 Dec 1890
Girvan, Ayr

Birth Andrew McQueen 22 Nov 1892 37 Montgomery Street, Girvan, Ayr David McQueen
Joiner (Journeyman)
Janet McCormick 8 Jun 1887
Girvan, Ayr

Birth Marion McCall Oliver 12 Nov 1892 Boghead, Girvan, Ayr John Oliver
Mary Dowie 6 Jun 1879
Kirkoswald, Ayr

Birth David Sneddan 6 Nov 1892 132 Dalrymple Street, Girvan, Ayr William Sneddan
Mason (Journeyman)
Elizabeth Armstrong 28 Dec 1888
Girvan, Ayr

Marriage Robert F. (Forest) McDougall
Seaman (Merchant Service)
23 Dec 1890 Girvan, Ayr Alexander McDougall
Handloom Weaver
Helen Forrest (Deceased) 41 Years M Elizabeth Duff
Domestic Servant
39 Years Andrew Duff (Deceased)
Margaret Kennedy
Birth Alexander Ferguson 22 Dec 1890 McCrindlestone, Girvan, Ayr Alexander Ferguson
Gardener (Journeyman)
Jane Blair 15 Aug 1889
Girvan, Ayr