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Event Name Date Place Age Gender Father and occupation Mother and occupation Spouse and occupation Death informant
Death John McGowan 1 Feb 1874 152 High Street, Dumbarton, Dunbarton 10 Years M John McGowan
Baker (Master)
Ann Donnelly Child Death
John McGowan (Father)
Death Jeanie Gay Kennedy 31 Jan 1874 10 Bridge Street, Dumbarton, Dunbarton 7 Years F Alexander Kennedy
House Joiner (Master)
Agnes Ausland Child Death
Alexander Kennedy (Father)
Death Janet Gray Garven
29 Jan 1874 190 High Street, Dumbarton, Dunbarton 21 Years F John Garven (Deceased)
Quarryman (Foreman)
Annabella Plewright Single
John Garven (Brother)
Death John McLay 11 Jul 1867 Combination Poor House, Dumbarton, Dunbarton 65 Years M Not Given Not Given Single
John McKechnie (Govenor of Poor House)
Death John Garven
10 Jul 1867 190 High Street, Dumbarton, Dunbarton 54 Years M Thomas Garven (Deceased)
Janet Gray Annabella Plewright
Thomas Garven (Son)
Death Janet Langley 10 Jul 1867 152 High Street, Dumbarton, Dunbarton 14 Months F Ebenezer Langley
Ships Carpenter (Journeyman)
Catherine Hartley Infant Death
Ebenezer Langley (Father)