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Event Name Date Age Place Father and occupation Mother and occupation Spouse and occupation Spouse age Spouse father Spouse mother Gender Death informant Parents marriage
Marriage John Forrest
25 Dec 1896 29 Years Mid Lambroughton, Dreghorn, Ayr John Forrest
Elizabeth Collins Maggie Forrest
Farmer's Daughter
24 Years James Forrest (Deceased)
Mary Templeton
Death Mary Black 29 Nov 1895 37 Years Arva Cottage, Parish of Dreghorn Thomas McNaughton (Deceased)
Mary Miller (Deceased) William Black

F James Gold (Brother in Law)
Death Robert Collins
Coal Miner
27 Nov 1895 55 Years Corsehill Row, Parish of Dreghorn Robert Collins (Deceased)
Coal Miner
Mary Lindsay (Deceased) Mary Halliday

M Robert Collins (Son) Ninian Auld
Death Andrew Calderwood
Coal Miner
24 Nov 1895 48 Years Springside Square, Parish of Dreghorn Edward Calderwood (Deceased)
Janet McNeich (Deceased) Single

M David Calderwood (Brother)
Birth Janet Paton Gaw 5 Feb 1894 Corsehill Rows, Dreghorn, Ayr Thomas Gaw
Coal Miner
Agnes Hay

F 20 Aug 1891
Dreghorn, Ayr
Birth Mary Boyle 29 Jan 1894 Dreghorn Station, Parish of Irvine, Ayr James Boyle
Coal Miner
Hannah Connory

F Nov 1888
Hamilton, Lanark
Birth Catherine Dick 25 Jan 1894 Springside Square, Dreghorn, Ayr Hugh Dick
Coal Miner
Catherine Boyd

F Aug 1880
Stewarton, Ayr
Birth Emma Styring Wilson 22 Oct 1888 Crossroads, Dreghorn, Ayr William Wilson
Joiner (Master)
Mary Collins

F 16 Dec 1874
Birth Euphemia Kirkwood 21 Oct 1888 Annick Bank, Dreghorn, Ayr David Kirkwood
Farm Labourer
Jane Fairbairn

F 26 Nov 1867
Birth Hugh Clark Wilson Gillies 19 Oct 1888 Dreghorn Village, Ayr John Wilson Gillies
Coal Miner
Mary Clark

M 28 Jul 1882