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Event Name Date Age Place Father and occupation Mother and occupation Spouse and occupation Spouse age Spouse father Spouse mother Parents marriage
Marriage William Rae
Electrical Engineer
30 Nov 1929 21 Years The Old Church, Cumnock, Ayr William Rae
Elizabeth Robins Elizabeth Gifford
Domestic Servant
18 Years Walter Gifford
Helen Connelly
Marriage John Mair Ferguson
22 Nov 1929 23 Years Town Hall, Cumnock, Ayr John Mair Ferguson
Master Baker
Agnes Collins Anne Jane Morrison Brown
Shop assistant
19 Years Thomas Morrison Brown
Coal Miner
Margaret Robertson McTurk
Birth John McAllister 17 Jun 1910 Longhouse Row, Old Cumnock, Ayr Robert McAllister
Coal Miner
Catherine McGinney

25 Jun 1897
Cumnock, Ayr
Birth Robert Wallace 24 May 1910 Skares Row, Old Cumnock, Ayr Robert Wallace
Coal Miner
Jane Cunningham

11 Nov 1907
Old Cumnock, Ayr
Birth Anne-Jane Morrison Brown 22 May 1910 Townhead Street, Cumnock, Ayr Thomas Morrison Brown
Margaret McTurk

19 Jun 1913
Lugar, Ayr
Marriage William Malcolm
Insurance Agent
11 Jul 1906 30 Years Barrhill Road, Cumnock, Ayr William Malcolm (Deceased)
Mary Pollock Jane Kerr Cuthbertson
27 Years William Cuthbertson (Deceased)
Coal Miner
Jane Kerr Boswell
Marriage Hunter Bowie
Mining Engineer
5 Jul 1906 25 Years Dumfries Arms Hotel, Cumnock, Ayr Hunter Bowie
Colliery Manager
Margaret Cameron Janet Vallance Wardrop
22 Years David Wardrop (Deceased)
Margaret Renton
Birth Alexander Earl 3 Oct 1882 Skarrs Row, Old Cumnock, Ayr Alexander Earl
Janet Livingstone

Jan 1863
Dailly, Ayr
Birth Mary McCrindle 20 Sep 1882 Roseburn Row, Garrallan, Old Cumnock, Ayr James McCrindle
Mary Davidson

8 Jun 1877
Cumnock, Ayr
Marriage James Ferguson
30 Dec 1870 25 Years Kilnholm Place, Cumnock John Ferguson
Agnes Findlay Elisabeth Cook
Domestic Servant
29 Years William Cook
Margaret McMichael