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Event Name Date Place Age Gender Father and occupation Mother and occupation Spouse and occupation Death informant
Death John Lang
14 Feb 1959 Infirmary, Paisley, Renfrew 80 Years M Neil Lang (Deceased)
Mary Sillars Maggie Bell Fleming
Neil Lang, Son, 197 Sandy Road, Renfrew
Death Isabella McMillan 09 Nov 1957 92 Glasgow Road, Paisley, Renfrew 82 Years F George Scott (Deceased)
Fireclay Worker
Rose Ann Nisbet (Deceased) John McMillan
Electric Craneman
Isabella McMillan, daughter
Death Elizabeth Blue 08 Nov 1957 Infirmary, Paisley, Renfrew 64 Years F William Martin (Deceased)
Mary McTaggart (Deceased) Thomas Blue
Thomas Blue, widower
Death James Dunlop
06 Nov 1957 16 Alice Street, Paisley, Renfrew 76 Years M James Dunlop (Deceased)
Shawl Maker
Flora McGregor (Deceased) 1. Margaret Beith 2. Beryl Kathleen Barringer Williams Chapman
James Dunlop, son, 11 St. Guthlac Street, Hereford
Death George Smith
Engineer's Labourer
08 Dec 1936 Infirmary Paisley, Renfrew 65 Years M William Smith (deceased)
Agnes Stewart (deceased) Margaret Weir
M. Smith, Widow
Death David Kerr
08 Dec 1936 Dykebar Asylum near Paisley, Renfrew 74 Years M David Kerr (deceased)
Farm Labourer
Margaret Anderson Christina Martin
John MacNeil, Attendant
Death Daniel Douglas Millar
07 Dec 1936 15 Craw Road, Meadow Street, Paisley 76 Years M William Millar (deceased)
Mary McFarlane (deceased) Not married
Arch. Glen, Occupier
Death Archibald McDowall
Shoemaker (Master)
13 May 1929 8 Gordon Street, Paisley, Renfrew 83 Years M James McDowall (Deceased)
Elizabeth McDougall (Deceased) Janet Boyd
A. McDowall, Son, 59 Love Street, Paisley, Renfrew
Death Margaret Fitzpatrick Stevenson 11 May 1929 15 Craw Road, Paisley, Renfrew 27 Years F William Fisher (Deceased)
Margaret Fitzpatrick Robert Spence Stevenson
Motor Tire Builder
Robert Stevenson, Widower
Death Thomas Gordon
Mason’s Labourer
11 May 1929 15 Craw Road, Renfrew 51 Years M William Gordon (Deceased)
Colour Mixer
Jane McAdam (Deceased) Not Married
James Gordon, Brother, 63 Neilston Road, Paisley, Renfrew