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Event Name Date Place Age Gender Father and occupation Mother and occupation Spouse and occupation Death informant Spouse age Spouse father Spouse mother Parents marriage
Death Janet Todd 28 Oct 1860 Lergybaan, Southend, Argyll 55 Years F Archibald McTaggart (Deceased)
Mary Blue (Deceased) George Todd
George Todd, husband

Marriage Collin McMillan
Farm Servant
26 Apr 1859 Ormsary, Southend, Argyll 24 Years M Neil McMillan
Agricultural Labourer
Sarah McInnes Barbara McGeachy
Farmer's Daughter
19 Years Duncan McGeachy (Deceased)
Helen Ralston
Marriage Peter Thomson
24 Apr 1859 Manse, Southend, Argyll 22 Years M Alexander Thomson
Road Contractor
Catherine McLarty Elisabeth Ritchie
Farmer's Daughter
21 Years Alexander Ritchie (Deceased)
Isabella Taylor
Birth James Graham 13 Jul 1858 Drymore, Parish of Southend, Argyll M Ivor Graham
Agricultural Labourer
Catharine Barclay

Birth Mary Cameron 9 Jul 1858 Dunglass, Parish of Southend, Argyll F Alexander Cameron
Farm Servant
Margaret McSporran

Birth Ann McShanoig 5 Jul 1858 Cowan, Parish of Southend Argyll F Duncan McShanoig
Flora Campbell

Death Duncan McLean 29 Mar 1857 Southend, Argyll 83 Years M John McLean (Deceased)
Catharine McEachran (Not stated)
Robert Watson (Son in law)

Death Grace Meek 13 Dec 1856 Druimvuline, Southend 32 Years M John McKeich
James Meek